November 5, 2020

Black Friday is now Black November. Enjoy!

By Lili

Do you deal with stress by shopping? Well you're in luck, because Black November has started which means you can start dealing with your post-election anxiety right now!

According to a recent study by Deloitte, 51% of shoppers say they’re anxious about shopping in store this year, so major retailers had to adapt and replace the traditional crowded-store experience known as Black Friday. Target, Home Depot, Best Buy, Macy’s and other major retailers announced they will carry their deals online and in store all through November, with week-long specials and daily flash promos. America’s largest retailer, Walmart said it’s spreading its sales over the course of 3 week-ends in November – the 1st, 2nd and 4th. In most places, customers will be able to shop in store, with increased safety measures, although most retailers encourage the shop online + curbside pick up combo. So if you get your adrenaline boost by being stomped on and bounced around by the TV aisle, this probably won’t be your year. Instead, prepare for waiting in single lines, 6-feet apart, wearing face masks, and with a limited amount of fellow shoppers in store at once.

Now that you know what the deal is (pun intended!), here are Lili’s 3 pro tips for a successful Black November experience.

1. Do your research

The biggest mistake you can make with Black November is to not get ready for Black November – start your research and price comparison now. A few sites are starting to leak the ads printed by the retailer which announces which deals become available when: https://bestblackfriday.com or https://www.bfads.net. You can even sign up and they will notify you when a new deal comes up. Since Black Friday is an ongoing experience this month, check on a daily basis what deals are available on that day or week.

2. Be social

Make sure you follow the stores you plan on shopping on social media. A lot of great deals and offers are announced on these platforms. If you decide to go to the store, talk to people  in line – respecting social distancing of course – you might learn about a deal or two.

3. Stick to your list and your budget

Start your hunt with a plan and a clear shopping list. If you’ve done your research, have established a budget and picked your items, you’re golden. Now the caveat is you have to stick to it. Remember, without proper research, you might fall for a deal that isn’t really a deal. We all know the sense of invincibility created by the combination of a debit card and a computer screen, can turn you into a purchasing machine, losing all human logic and reasoning. But we also know that a really good purchase is one that makes you happy when you make it, and keeps you happy 10 days later when you can still pay for your bills and food. Keep an eye on your balance throughout the month and turn on notifications on your account to always know where you stand.

If you do your research, stay focused, and stick to the plan, you can have a great Black November experience this year. Let’s have some fun, shall we!



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