Lili Voted Best Bank Account for Freelancers of 2020 🏆

By Lili • Mar 30, 2022

2 mins

Fundera, the go-to online resource for American Small Businesses just named Lili the Best Bank Account for Freelancers of 2020. We’re beyond proud to be part of the winners this year!

“For a bank account designed exclusively for freelancers, you might consider the Lili bank account. A relatively new player in the digital banking space, Lili currently offers a wholly mobile experience for freelancers to manage their finances. … Unlike the other accounts on our list, Lili can accommodate freelancers who haven’t completely separated their personal and business finances and is, therefore, a worthwhile option for self-employed professionals who are just starting out.”

Since our launch in July of 2019 (so not even a year ago), we have consistently been working to improve and expand our offerings and deliver freelancers the tools they need, especially in challenging times. The feedback we’ve been receiving from our customers has been tremendously encouraging, pushing us to work even harder to meet the needs of the ever-growing freelancing community. And we’re not even close to being done! 

So rest assured that we’ll do everything we can to stay on this list next year. Maybe in even more than one category…

In the meantime, why not open your own account? It will take you only 3 minutes (yes, we timed it!). We have no monthly fees, no minimum balance requirement and lots of tools to reduce your taxes! Come and join us as we invent the future of banking for freelancers!

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Team Lili

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