November 15, 2019

Lili’s Tips for Black Friday Success


Black Friday (and Cyber Monday) are coming. You’ve worked hard, you saved for your taxes, you deserve to have some fun. So let’s make sure you’re prepared! 💪

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Black Friday (and Cyber Monday) are coming. You have big hopes for big savings. You’ve worked hard, you saved for your taxes, you deserve to have some fun. So we want to make sure that you’re prepared, in order to keep the biggest sales event of the year (in America at least) fun and fruitful.

1. Do your research

The biggest mistake you can make with Black Friday is to not get ready for Black Friday – start your research and price comparison now. A few sites are starting to leak the ads that will be printed for Black Friday so you can see where the savings are: https://bestblackfriday.com or https://www.bfads.net. You can even sign up and they will notify you when a new deal comes up. Other major retailers have also started to announce some of their deals directly on their sites, as well.

2. Be social

Make sure you follow the stores you plan on shopping on social media. A lot of great deals and offers are announced on these platforms. And actually talk to people at the store or in line, you might learn about a deal or two. As long as you’re not competing for doorbusters deal (items in limited quantities available, usually gone in the first 15 minutes after the doors open) we shoppers are all in this together! If you’re planning to go for a doorbuster, get up early, be civil and good luck!

3. Be focused

Go to the store with a plan and a clear shopping list. You won’t have time to wander the aisles. Be specific and start with the big items first. If you’re looking to buy a TV and a new iron, go to the TV first.

4. Stick to your list and your budget

If you’ve done your research, have established a budget and picked your items, you’re golden. Now the caveat is you have to stick to it. Remember, without the research, you might fall for a deal that isn’t really a deal. Try to limit impulse purchases. We all know how the frenzy inside the store, or the sense of invincibility created by the combination of a credit card and a computer screen, can turn you into a purchasing machine, losing all human logic and reasoning. But we also know that a really good purchase is one that makes you happy when you make it, and keeps you happy 10 days later when you can still pay for your bills and food.

If you do your research, stay focused, and stick to the plan, you can have a great Black Friday shopping experience, brag to your coworkers on Monday (or Tuesday if you’re doing your shopping online this year) about the amazing deals you nailed all while avoiding buyer’s remorse.

Oh and also, don’t push or walk over people, that’s just not responsible adult behavior.

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