November 9, 2020

Refer 10 fellow freelancers and earn up to $1,250 💵

By Lili

End 2020 with a bang and start 2021 with big bucks!

We’ve said it before, and we’re saying it again: freelancing is above all a community, one where everyone looks out for each other especially in difficult times. So to end this… let’s say, complicated… year on a positive note, we’re taking our referral program to the next level!


Here’s how it works

☑️ Invite a fellow freelancers
You share the good news of Lili (and your referral code!) with a fellow freelancer.

☑️ They join and spend at least $250
Your fellow freelancer opens an account and spends a minimum of $250 with their new Lili debit card within 45 days of opening their account*.

☑️ You get $25 – your friend gets $25 🥳
You get rewards for the first 10 friends you’ll refer – which means, you can earn a total of $250!


But I thought you said $1,250?

That’s right! Because we’re adding a little spice to the program this holiday season: if you make 10 successful referrals before the end of January 2021, we will reward you with an extra $1,000**, deposited directly into your Lili account! 🙀

The terms stated above also apply here so don’t just ask every family member at the Thanksgiving table to open an account and leave it empty, it won’t count!

Freelancing is all about networking and word of mouth. You know the skill. Now put it to good use to end 2020 with a bang and start 2021 with big bucks!


Ready. Set. Go!

You can find your referral code in your Lili app (available on iOS and Android) under Menu/Invite & Earn. Or, if you’re already on your phone, you can just click here.

*See full terms and conditions of Lili’s Referral Program here.
**See full terms and conditions of Lili’s End 2020 with a Bang program here.



Wanna up your freelance game?

Download Lili’s ultimate guide to freelancing right here, right now and get ready for some knowledge – taxes, benefits, money and lifestyle tips… we cover it all! 🤓

PS: It’s totally free.




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