The best debit card for freelancers. Period.

The best bank account for freelancers with no account fees and no minimum balance requirement. Oh and also, you can get paid up to 2 days earlier with direct deposit.

Free expense management tool

Don’t miss another deduction because of a lost receipt or a forgetful brain! Sort and categorize your expenses on the go and in real-time, directly from your mobile account.

Never miss a beat.

Stay in control! Get a push notification every time money comes in or out of the account.

Always know where you stand.

Do you spend too much on coffee? Track how much money your business is bringing in and learn about your spending habits.

Lili saves you time and money

We’ve done the math. Using Lili can save you up to 60 hours and $1,700 every year!

The perfect fit for your digital pro tool kit

If you deposit your earnings from online platforms and payment apps into your Lili account, you’ll get your money up to 2 days earlier.

Rated 4.8 out of 5 by our customers.

better card

This card work amazing , and help you to get extra budget money for used in the future … 🥰

- lachi28


Awesome no issues use to transfer money to family or get paid. Cool looking debit card too

- NavajoHoleshot

I love Lili

It’s a perfect card for all that I do which is a bunch of things I love It!

- lusicious84


Really love the flow and consistency of the app in terms of helping organize funds and categorizing them. Very awesome! 👏

- The Negrotiator

Best Card ever

This card is amazing!!!!! Gives you tips on how to be a successful business owner, insights on spending! Saves for your taxes! And much much more! I love it

- Diamond Photography

3 minutes and you're in business!

All you need is your SSN and 3 minutes (yes we timed it).
Creating an account with Lili will NOT affect your credit score.