“The hardest thing in the world to understand is the income tax”

– Albert Einstein

Planning for taxes can be time-consuming and confusing. Lili gives you the tools to make it quick and simple.


Track your expenses in real time, reduce your taxes.

Don’t miss another deduction because of a lost receipt or a forgetful brain! Sort and categorize your expenses on the go and in real-time, directly from your mobile account.


Let us do the saving!

Don’t spend what you don’t (technically) have! Automatically set aside a percentage of your income into your Tax Bucket, to make sure you save enough for your taxes.


Don’t stay up all night on April 14th!

Why manually fill a spreadsheet when Lili can do it for you? Reduce your preparation costs and easily generate yearly or quarterly expense reports.

Rated 4.8 out of 5 by our customers.

Great app! Perfect for freelancers/ self employed

I’ve been looking for a banking app that would allow me to have a “separate” checking or savings account for taxes. None of the others allow you to do so unless you go to one of the big major banks and pay hefty fees. Lili’s user interface is very friendly and simple to use. Helps me manage my business finances quickly.

- MindXpert

Love the Tax Jar

Love being able to set up my account to have taxes automatically deducted.

- curtise1q

Happy camper

Great app , love how it automatically organizes your finances.

- Ms Chyna's Kitchen

Love it!

I love this app!! It really helps keeps me organized when it comes to expenses!!

- NicaPR

Jasmia Melissa

Love this banking service. If you freelance or even just want to keep personal and business or educational expenses separate, this is the product for you.

- Jasmia Melissa

Heather Sharrock

This app makes saving money for taxes so much easier, I wish I would of had it last year!

- Heather Sharrock

Contracting excellence

The convenience provided by categorizing work expenses anywhere I go is amazing.

- Jlawton1818

LaDonna Jones

I absolutely love banking with Lili! I love the tax bucket feature and all of the detail given when categorizing my expenses. Thank you for raising the bar! Now that I’ve experienced your banking products; I am going to share with other freelancers like myself. Thanks again for helping me maintain stability and know exactly where my money is spent!

- LaDonna Jones

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