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Business Banking That Works For You

Lili makes it easier to manage your finances and stay organized so you can focus on growing your business.

Business Banking with Lili

No hidden fees or minimum balance required with Lili

No Minimum Balance.
No Hidden Fees

No, really! No account fees, no overdraft fees, no foreign transaction fees, no deposit required and no ATM fee at 38,000+ locations across the US. It’s your money, we think you should keep it.

Lili offers a savings account with 1.50% APY that enables you to set aside funds for an emergency

Savings Account with 1.50% APY

Save up for a rainy day by setting up an automatic transfer of at least $1 a day to your Savings Account1. And, we’ll give you 1.50% APY2 to make sure that rainy day ends up that much brighter.

Lili Visa® Business
Debit Card

Our business checking account comes with our signature Visa Business Debit Card, which you can use fee-free. It’s Visa, so it’s accepted everywhere and is protected from unauthorized use.

Fee-Free Overdraft

Not only do we not charge you a penalty fee when you’re in a tough spot, but we cover any overdraft on your Visa Business Debit Card up to $2001.

Gain access to up to 0 of fee-free overdraft with Lili Pro

Cashback Rewards

When you use your Lili Visa Business Debit Card at participating merchants, you earn cash back1. It literally pays to use Lili!

Earn cashback rewards with your Lili Visa debit card

Professional Support, Whenever You Need It

Reach out to us through the Lili App, by email or phone; our customer support team is here to help whenever you need it.

The Lili support team is available to help our customers when they need it

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about business banking with Lili? Find the answers here!

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Where can I withdraw cash using my Lili card?
How do I deposit cash into my Lili account?
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Where can I withdraw money without paying a fee?
How do I apply for fee-free overdraft?