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Small Business 101

Starting your own small business? Here at Lili Academy we’ve got you covered!

From quick snackable videos on running your first Instagram Ads campaign, to in-depth webinars on optimizing your tax liability, we’ve curated an ever-growing collection of guides to support your business needs.

Free Small Business Guide

Our in-depth small business guide will provide you with everything you need to know to take your business to the next level.

  • Optimize your taxes
  • How to handle healthcare and savings
  • Working from home tips
  • Getting paid on time
  • Legitimizing your business

Video Hub

Tax Optimizer Webinar

Break out the notepad as our Lili educator walks you through the core tools and information that make tackling taxes (and saving real $$) easier than ever.

You’ll learn:

Taxes 101: How self-employment and income taxes are calculated
Smart Tax Tools: Leverage Lili to ensure you only pay what you owe
Get Prepared: Avoid penalties and organize your finances before you file