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Starting your own small business? Here at Lili Academy we’ve got you covered!

From quick snackable videos on running your first Instagram Ads campaign, to in-depth webinars on optimizing your tax liability, we’ve curated an ever-growing collection of guides to support your business needs.

Free Small Business Guide

Our in-depth small business guide will provide you with everything you need to know to take your business to the next level.

  • Optimize your taxes
  • How to handle healthcare and savings
  • Working from home tips
  • Getting paid on time
  • Legitimizing your business

Video Hub

2022 Tax Filing - Explained by Lili

Enjoy our 50 minute webinar about filing business taxes, presented by our business expert and Co-Founder of Square Biz Marketing and Media, Wendi Caplan-Carroll.

The webinar covers:

Working with a CPA/Accountant
Documents Needed to File Taxes
Business Tax Deductions
Tax Forms for Different Business Types
How to File Business Taxes