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Stripe Fee Calculator

When you bill customers with Stripe, transaction fees are deducted from received invoice payments. Use this calculator to easily determine Stripe fees and what you should charge to account for them.

Enter an invoice amount to determine the applicable Stripe fees
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The amounts are calculated based on the Stripe fees of 2.9% + $0.30 per card and wallet transactions.

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What is a Stripe Fee Calculator?

When using Stripe to bill customers and collect payment for your business, both fixed rate and percentage-based fees will accrue. These fees vary based on payment type, currency, and payment method, making it difficult to calculate fees before sending an invoice. With our Stripe fee calculator, you can quickly determine what fees to expect so you can charge your customers accurately to account for these additional charges.

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How Much Are Stripe Processing Fees?

The most common Stripe fee is 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction, which can be accounted for easily with our Stripe fee calculator. For any additional fees, refer to the following table based on which Stripe tools you are using (current as of November 29, 2023):

Stripe Tool*

Percentage of Amount Fee

Fixed Fee (USD)

Payments (Cards + Digital Wallets) 2.9% (+0.5% for manually entered cards) $0.30
Payments (ACH Direct Debit) 0.8% ($5.00 cap) No fixed fee
Checkout No percentage fee No fixed fee
Billing 0.5% No fixed fee
Invoicing 0.4% ($2.00 cap per invoice) No fixed fee
Terminal (In-Person Card Processing) 2.7% (+1.5% for international cards) $0.05

*Visit Stripe’s pricing details to see all of their features and related fees.

For international cards and digital wallets: an additional percentage-based fee of 1.5% and another 1% is charged if currency conversion is required, on top of the standard Stripe fee from the table above.

How to Use Lili’s Stripe Fee Calculator

Our Stripe fee calculator makes accurately billing your customers a breeze! Follow these four steps to feel more at ease when sending an invoice with Stripe:

  1. Enter the invoice amount
  2. Click “Calculate”
  3. Your total fees will appear below the calculator, plus the amount you will receive after fees are charged and how much you should bill your customer to cover the fees.
  4. Bookmark this page to refer back to any time you need to calculate more Stripe fees!

How to Reduce Stripe Fees

You shouldn’t have to lose hard-earned money to Stripe fees, and neither should your customers! Here are a few ways you can avoid or reduce Stripe fees:

1. Ask for custom rates

When contacting the Stripe sales team, you can inquire about custom rates for your business and earn less costly transaction fees.

2. Upgrade your Stripe plan

This may seem counterintuitive, but if you are sending several invoices each month, you may actually save money by paying more for a monthly Stripe plan instead of getting charged high percentages with every transaction.

3. Combine payments

Work out a plan with recurring customers to combine payments so you only pay the fixed fees one time.

4. Switch to fee-free invoicing

With Lili’s Invoicing Software, you can send professional invoices to your customers and collect payments without worrying about unnecessary fees!


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How do I calculate Stripe fees?
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Use this formula to easily calculate Stripe fees, regardless of the specific percentage or fixed fee:

(Invoice Total x Percentage Fee)/100 + Fixed Fee

Example 1:
You bill a client for $50 via the digital Payments tool.
The fees for a digital wallet are 2.9% of the total amount plus a fixed fee of $0.30, which comes out to $1.75.
After deducting fees, you will earn $48.25.

Example 2:
You bill an in-person customer for $15 using the Stripe Terminal for card processing.
The fees for Terminal card processing are 2.7% of the total amount plus a fixed fee of $0.05, which comes out to $0.45.
After deducting fees, you will earn $14.55.