Streamline Your Business Accounting

Simplify your business accounting–make it easy to get paid, monitor income and track expenses with Lili.

The Lili Visa business debit card

Easily categorize your expenses with a quick swipe of the Lili app

Expense Categorization

Feeling lost in spreadsheet chaos? Seamlessly categorize and keep track of your expenses all in one place, so you always know where you stand.

Easily Link Accounts to Lili

Easily and safely connect your Lili business checking account to an external bank account. Whether you want to receive money or send money to an external bank account, you can do so right from within your Lili app.

Link external bank accounts to your Lili account

Receipt Scanner

Attach a picture or pdf of your receipt to your transaction in just a few clicks. It will be stored safely in your Lili banking app.

Scan receipts for each transaction directly via the Lili App

App Center

Integrate all your third-party solutions with Lili to get your money faster and bridge the gaps in your accounting.

Lili App Center - Integrate Third-Party Tools with Lili

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about Lili’s accounting tools? Find the answers here!

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