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Get 40% off Lili Smart fee for 3 months

About Lili

Running a small business can be overwhelming. We truly get it. That’s why we created Lili, a platform designed to make the financial aspects of your business easier to manage and understand. Once your finances are under your control, you’ll feel more confident and can focus on growing the business you love. 

We’ve built a platform that enables you to manage your business banking, accounting, invoicing, and tax preparation in one place. This gives you the clarity you need as a business owner. Whatever your business goals are, we won’t stop until we help you get there.

Our Values

The Lili logo in dark blue Better together
Together we're unstoppable,
and can achieve goals that we can’t achieve alone.
The Lili logo in dark blue Always impactful
We focus on making
a positive impact for our customers however we can.
The Lili logo in dark blue Customer focused
We’re customer-obsessed and work tirelessly to provide them with superior tools and services.
The Lili logo in dark blue Open, fair, and honest
We treat our customers,
partners, and employees
fairly and with honesty.

What Our Customers
Are Saying About Lili

Our customers are the driving force behind everything we do. Every decision is made with the goal of helping our customers navigate the financial management of their businesses.

But don’t take it from us, listen to what they have to say.

"A lot of small business owners don't have the ability to have a personal banker, but [with Lili] you have one in your pocket."
Momodou N’jie
Founder & Partner, Mo Partners
"Lili is so helpful for running a small business. They take tasks and simplify them."
Noa West
Owner, NOA
"I love Lili. It helps me do my invoicing, my taxes, income reports...it saves me so much time."
Dr. Connell Wise
Founder, Connell Wise & Associates
"Lili makes a big difference–it helps me separate my personal & business accounts, prepare business expenses, save for taxes."
Lisa Pavlova
Owner, Lisa Pavlova Photography
"I honestly feel like Lili truly cares about my success as a small business owner."
Hannah van Woert
Creative Director & Branding Expert