Questions about Lili? Find the answers here

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Frequently Asked Questions about Lili

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about Lili? We’ve got the answers here!

What is Lili?
What is Lili’s mission?
Who can use Lili?
Is Lili designed for businesses?
Does Lili charge any fees?
Is Lili a real bank?
What makes Lili different from other banking services?
What bank does Lili use?
Does Lili offer a savings account?
Does Lili offer fee-free overdraft?
Is Lili available on desktop?
Is Lili available outside of the U.S.?
What is Lili's mailing address?
Getting Started
How do I open a Lili account?
How do I log in to Lili?
Can I add a business name to my bank account?
How do I add money to my Lili account?
What is Lili's routing number?
Can I withdraw cash from my Lili account at ATMs?
How do I upgrade to Lili Pro, Lili Smart or Lili Premium?
Can I connect my Lili Account to Quickbooks?
How can I contact Lili Customer Service?
Security & Privacy
How does Lili protect my account?
Is my account insured by the FDIC?
Is Lili PCI Compliant?
Where can I use my Lili Visa debit card?
What should I do if I don’t recognize a transaction in my Lili account?
Where can I find more information about Lili’s policies?