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Tax season doesn’t have to be a headache! Check out our free tax tools and guides to make preparing and filing your taxes easier.

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Running your own business can be taxing enough.
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Schedule C, filled in for you!

If you’ve done the work all year, we’ll pre-fill your annual 1040 Schedule C form, ready to be shared with your accountant or the IRS.

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Let us do the math for you with our Self-Employed Tax Calculator!

Get an instant estimate of your tax liability for 2022.

Estimated Income




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Self-Employment Tax (Federal)


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With a taxable income of


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Let us do the math for you with our Self-Employed Tax Calculator!

Get an instant estimate of your tax liability for 2022.

What taxes to pay if you're self-employed

Here’s the short version: as a freelancer, you pay two types of taxes – the self-employment tax and the income tax.

How much is the self-employment tax?

The self-employment tax is a flat 15.3% on your net income. It covers your contribution to Social Security (12.4%) and Medicare (2.9%). You owe self-employment tax, no matter how much money you make.

How to calculate self-employment taxes

You owe taxes on your net income at the federal and the state level (unless your state doesn’t have an income tax). The percentage depends on your net income and filing status. And, it’s progressive, meaning you don’t pay the same percentage on all of your income.

How to calculate your net income

Your net income as a freelancer is the result of your gross profit (how much money you made) minus your business expenses (how much money you spent to run your business).

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2022 Income Tax Brackets

Determine your 2022 tax rate based on your taxable income. Remember, the US tax system is progressive, so not all of your taxable income is taxed at the same rate.

2022 Income Tax Brackets

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you have a specific tax question or are just generally unsure about tax season, we clear up some of the confusion below.

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Tax Deductions
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Filing Taxes
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