Free Contractor Invoice Templates

As a contractor, you’re used to taking on tough jobs. Make invoicing your customers less labor-intensive with our free invoice templates.

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Free invoice templates for contractors

What Should Be Included in a Contracting Invoice?

Each and every client you work with may have slightly different needs, and these needs may even change over the course of your work together. Because of this, you need an invoice template that offers the proper flexibility to customize for different services.

Every invoice should include contact information for both parties, a unique invoice number, the invoicing date, and the word “invoice” in order to be legally valid. In addition, a contractor invoice should have a very detailed description of the services and other costs you are invoicing your client for. Aim for complete transparency by providing clients with the following information:

  • Hourly rate and the number of hours worked and billed for
  • Materials, including the amount used and cost
  • Type of work performed for the client
  • Any relevant taxes and fees (goods and services tax, harmonized sales tax, etc.)

For example, an electrical contractor hired to upgrade an electrical panel might have the following on their contractor invoice once the job is completed:

  • Initial Consultation Fee ($100)
  • Contract Price for Electrical Panel Installation ($1,500)
  • Materials Cost ($500) plus details on materials and amount used
  • Taxes
  • Balance due ($2,200 plus tax) and due date

Some contractor invoices may be more complicated and involve a larger list of services versus a singular contract price. A landscaping contractor’s invoice might look something like this:

  • Landscape Design ($2,000)
  • Tree Removal ($700)
  • Hedge Trimming ($100)
  • Lawn Maintenance ($150)
  • Drainage System Installation ($1,500)
  • Landscaping Materials Cost ($500)
  • Drainage System Materials Cost ($1,000)
  • Credit for 50% upfront payment ($2,975)
  • Taxes
  • Balance due ($2,975 plus tax) and the due date

Ultimately, the goal of your invoice is to bill your client and receive payment for your services. Include detailed steps guiding your client in submitting payment, whether through an external payment method or via ACH. With Lili’s Invoicing Software, you can connect Stripe, Venmo, Cash App, PayPal, or share your banking information for clients to pay via ACH and receive money directly into your account rather than waiting on funds to transfer from another source.

Download Free Contractors Invoice Templates

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Independent Contractors

Running a business as a solo act means you’re always busy juggling multiple clients and wearing many hats. This free invoice template makes customizing your billing quick and easy so that you can spend more time providing invaluable service to your clients.

Construction Contractors

Whether building someone’s dream home or renovating an office building, you’re an expert at making a vision real and concrete. Now it’s time to make your payment concrete with an invoice template that outlines exactly what you did, how you did it, and why you’re worth every penny.

Electrical Contractors

Managing your invoicing can feel like a shock to the system if you’ve never done it before. Power up your billing process with an invoice template that showcases your professionalism while shedding light on all of the completed tasks and materials used in your work.

Landscaping Contractors

Your landscaping prowess knows no bounds – but invoicing your clients can be a struggle! Trim the excess with a clean and professional invoice template that can be customized for as many or few services as you provide for a given client.

Flooring & Carpet Contractors

There’s nothing quite like ripping up old carpet and finding hardwood floors underneath. Saving time with a customizable invoice template comes close, though! Enjoy your hard-earned payment while your client enjoys gliding across new flooring.

Why Contractors Need Professional Invoices

Whether you’re remodeling their home or providing emergency plumbing services, your clients want to know exactly what it is they’re paying for. Whether you charge by the hour, by the day, or with a standard flat rate, the work you have done on behalf of your client should be clearly outlined to affirm your trustworthy reputation. Using the same invoice template across all of your clients and services will also make it easier to keep your business organized.

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Common Mistakes Contractors Should Avoid When Writing an Invoice

  • Using different templates for the same client creates an inconsistent experience that can confuse and frustrate them. Choose a template that works for you and stick with it!
  • Not including payment terms, especially if you’re billing after services are completed, may result in late payments (or not getting paid at all!)
  • Confusing line items and categories may make your invoice difficult for clients to understand (and difficult for you to fill out accurately)
  • Not backing up invoices in a virtual cloud system makes it difficult to access them from any location. When traveling to different work sites, being able to pull up invoices anytime, anywhere is a must!
  • Lack of employee training on proper invoice procedures may result in lost or incorrectly filled out invoices. If you have employees, make sure they know how to fill out and submit invoices for their work!
  • Failure to align estimates with final balance will frustrate your clients and negatively impact your reputation as a contractor. If the balance is going to be notably higher than the estimate, communicate the reasons behind the increase with your client before sending an invoice.
  • Not defining a due date means your client can pay you anytime. If you don’t want to be paid for your contract services six months after completing them, provide a specific due date.
  • Neglecting to proofread may result in you sending your client a sloppy invoice full of errors and typos. Make sure everything is as professional and clean as possible before sending an invoice.
  • Handwritten invoices look unprofessional and can be difficult for clients to read. While this may be necessary for emergency repairs where you’re filling out an invoice on the job, typing up and printing out or emailing an invoice will create a more professional experience.
  • Not using invoice software to make the process even faster and easier while giving your clients an even more professional experience!

Which Invoice Format is Better for Contractors?

Once you understand how to create an invoice, you should consider which format is best for you and your unique contractor needs. From word processors to spreadsheets, invoice templates are available in a variety of formats to suit your consulting business’s needs.

Word and Google Docs Invoice Templates

Customizable invoice templates in these word processing applications include pre-built fields and lines that are easy to fill and send, though you must manually input all information yourself due to a lack of formula capabilities. This makes them less than ideal for contractors offering a long list of services, who need to be able to calculate several totals and add or subtract lines from an itemized list.

Excel and Google Sheets Invoice Templates

These spreadsheet platforms have free invoice templates with an element of automation, as they include formulas to automatically calculate quantities and totals. This formula functionality makes filling multiple invoices a day significantly easier, especially when tracking materials on top of your contractor rate.

PDF Invoice Templates

Your clients will vary, and some may not have the right software (or most up to date software) needed to properly view your invoice. That becomes a non-issue with PDF invoice templates, which can easily be printed out to hand-deliver your client when service is complete. Although this makes PDF invoice templates handy once they’re filled out, they can be more difficult to adapt for individual invoice needs.

Lili's Invoicing Software vs. Free Invoice Templates

Undecided about what invoicing solution to choose? You can save time and take your business to the next level by using Lili’s Invoicing Software. Here’s a useful comparison between the two invoicing options:

Printable for clients
Email invoices to clients
Generate custom invoices
Accept any payment methods
Track invoice payment status
Automated payment reminders
Mobile invoice management
Lili Invoicing Software
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Free Invoice Templates
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Why Contractors Should Use Invoicing Software

Custom invoices in a few clicks

Lili’s Invoicing Software makes it easy to create and send professional contracting invoices customized to fit your unique business needs. Itemizing the services you provide has never been easier!

Clientele and invoice management

Keep your invoice records and finances organized all in one place with Lili. With Lili’s Invoicing Software, you can save client information for ongoing contract work to make future invoicing even more seamless.

All payment methods are welcome

Accept invoice payments any way you like with Lili’s Invoicing Software, making it easier than ever to get paid for your services. Clients can pay you via debit & credit cards, ACH, Venmo, Cash App, PayPal, and even checks!

Invoicing software will take your business as a contractor to the next level with automated integrations and a streamlined client experience. Here are just a few of the key benefits:

  • Invoicing integrated with your other financial software
  • Easily customizable to professionally showcase your branding
  • Automatically generates invoice numbers for accounting ease
  • Saves details for repeat customers
  • Ability to send invoices via multiple channels to suit varying customer needs
  • Connects with payment apps for ease of processing
  • Unlimited invoice creation and storage
Lili Invoicing Software and Invoice Generator
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do independent contractors need to invoice?
How do contractors bill hours?
How do I fill out a contracting invoice?
How do I track my time as an independent contractor?

Yes, it is important for independent contractors to invoice customers in order to guarantee payment and follow legal and tax guidelines. Because independent contractors are responsible for their own tax payments (self-employment tax) and project management, it is up to them to properly communicate with the correct party about payment terms. All independent contractor invoices should include:

  • The word “invoice”
  • A unique invoice number
  • The date the invoice is sent
  • Your contact information
  • Your client’s contact information
  • A detailed description of services provided, materials used, cost of materials, and other related product or service information
  • Taxes
  • Total balance due
  • Details for submitting payment