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Excel Invoice Templates

For quick way to start invoicing your clients, check out our free downloadable Excel invoice templates.

If you’re looking for a total invoicing solution that covers everything from invoice customization to billing, Lili’s Invoicing Software is what you need!

How to Create an Excel Invoice

To start using a free Excel invoice template for your business, follow these five simple steps:

  1. Select a Template, either one of our free Excel templates or a pre-made Excel template from their library.
  2. Fill it out with your information, your client’s information, and a unique invoice number.
  3. Calculate subtotals, totals, and taxes/fees easily with spreadsheet formulas already included in your template of choice.
  4. Save your invoice as a PDF, labeling it with the client’s name and the invoice number to make it easy to find later.
  5. Email the completed invoice PDF to your client.

How to Save an Excel Invoice as a PDF

Once you’re ready to send an invoice to your client, you need to make sure it’s sent in a non-editable format, such as a PDF! Here’s how to save your invoice before sending:

  1. In your Excel software, open the File tab.
  2. Open the “Save a Copy” tab.
  3. Select “PDF” for the file format.
  4. Select “More Options” just below the file type selection to change the file name and save location.
  5. Update the file name to something easy to track and store, such as “Client Name – Invoice No. #”
  6. Click “Save.”

Download Free Excel Invoice Templates

Lili Invoice Software

Blank Excel Template

Looking for a clean starter template that you can adapt to your needs? This blank-inside invoice template makes it easy to say exactly what you need to, without the bells and whistles.

Download Excel Blank Template

Fillable Excel Template

Take advantage of Excel’s formulas and functions to quickly calculate subtotals, totals, and fees for highly detailed invoices. You don’t need a math degree to get the figures you need with this template!

Download Excel Fillable Template

Why Businesses Should Send Professional Invoices

When you present your client with an invoice that is clear and makes the process of paying you simple and straightforward, it gives your client a positive impression of your business as a whole. Although Excel templates can work well when you’re first starting out and figuring out what works best for you, invoicing software takes your professionalism to the next level by creating an experience that is consistently high-quality and makes getting paid even easier.

Send professional invoices with Lili and make getting paid the smoothest part of your business!

Advantages and Disadvantages of Creating an Invoice in Excel


  • Free to Use: If you have Microsoft Office software installed on your computer, Excel is a completely free platform for creating your invoices! Your clients won’t need to have it to receive your invoices either, as you’ll convert them to PDFs before sending.
  • Automate with Formulas: Automatically calculate taxes and totals using Excel’s various formulas and functions, saving you the time and stress of making manual calculations.
  • Familiarity: If you’re already familiar with Excel for other facets of your work, using it for invoicing will feel comfortable and easy, saving you the learning curve of new software.
  • Collaborative: When working in an office where multiple parties may need access to invoices before they’re ready to send, Excel is an effective tool for such collaboration if Microsoft Office is set up properly within your organization.


  • Multi-step Process: Creating a sendable invoice with Excel takes several extra steps compared to integrated solutions like invoicing software. You not only need to manually input your information for every invoice you want to send from the template, but you also have to save it as a PDF before it is ready to send to your client.
  • No Storage Capabilities: Unlike invoicing software, which can organize and store your invoices all in one place for ease of access in the future, Excel is simply a tool for making spreadsheets and inputting invoice data. It does not act as a storage container for record-keeping purposes, meaning you’ll need to manually save and store your invoices on your computer’s hard drive or in a cloud system.
  • Limited Access: You should be able to access your invoice records at any time, and have the ability to edit them as needed. If you send an invoice that requires correction, you’ll have to go back into the original Excel file to make the change and then save the new version as a PDF. This means you must keep track of both the original Excel file for the invoice and the PDF version in the event of future invoice adjustments. With invoice software, you can access your invoices and quickly make corrections all in one place.

Lili's Invoicing Software vs. Free Invoice Templates

Undecided about what invoicing solution to choose? You can save time and take your business to the next level by using Lili’s Invoicing Software. Here’s a useful comparison between the two invoicing options:

Printable for clients
Email invoices to clients
Generate custom invoices
Accept any payment methods
Track invoice payment status
Automated payment reminders
Mobile invoice management
Lili Invoicing Software
This feature is available
This feature is available
This feature is available
This feature is available
This feature is available
This feature is available
This feature is available
Free Invoice Templates
This feature is available
This feature is available
This feature is not available
This feature is not available
This feature is not available
This feature is not available
This feature is not available
Lili's Invoicing Software has what your business needs to handle invoicing from A to Z!

Why You Should Use Invoicing Software

Simplify the process

Creating new invoices shouldn’t take more than a few quick clicks. With Lili’s Invoice Generator software, it’ll take you no time at all to add your business logo, display account details, and itemize your invoice, then send to your client without needing to convert files types.

Store and organize your invoices

Instead of creating a manual repository for your invoices, let Lili’s Invoicing software track and organize them for you, making it easy to find old invoices and even issue corrections with ease – all within your banking app.

Collect payment with your invoice

What’s better than a simple invoice emailed to your client? One that makes it easy to get paid via any payment method! Use Lili’s Invoicing software to accept payments via debit & credit cards, ACH, Venmo, Cash App, PayPal, and even checks.

Invoicing software will take your business’s finances to the next level with automated integrations and an effortless customer experience unlike anything you’ll find with generic Excel templates. Here are just a few of the key benefits:

  • Invoicing integrated with your other financial software
  • Easily customizable to showcase your branding
  • Automatically generates invoice numbers
  • Saves customer details for future invoicing
  • Ability to send invoices via multiple channels
  • Connects with payment apps for ease of processing
  • Unlimited invoice creation and storage
Lili Invoicing Software and Invoice Generator
Streamline your invoicing and collect payment easily with Lili's Invoicing Software!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an invoice template available in Excel?
How do I create an invoice template in Excel?
How do I keep track of invoices and payments in Excel?

Yes! We’re offering free downloadable Excel invoice templates on this page to help you get started billing your clients. Alternatively, you can access the Microsoft Office library for additional template options.