Fee free overdraft up to $200 on your debit card purchases. Eligibility requirements apply.

Overdraft up to $200

Not only do we not charge you a penalty fee when you’re already in a tough spot (that wouldn’t make any sense!) but we cover any overdraft on your Visa Business Debit Card up to $200. Terms and conditions apply.

We told you Lili was in your corner...

…and we put our money where our mouth is.

How It Works


When a purchase exceeds your balance, Lili covers the difference up to $200


We'll send you a notification to let you know we covered your purchase


We'll apply your next paycheck in Lili to your negative balance.


Here’s everything you need to know about BalanceUp

BalanceUp allows you to overdraw up to $200 with debit card purchases and no overdraft fees.

No interest or fee is charged for this service when you are a Lili Pro customer.

3 Minutes and you’re in business!

All you need is your SSN and 3 minutes (yes we timed it). Creating an account with Lili will NOT affect your credit score.