Cashback Rewards

Earn cashback on everyday purchases when you shop at participating merchants.*

*Available for Lili Pro customers only.
Earn cashback when using your Lili debit card at participating merchants

A Cashback Program Designed for You

Autozone, TaxAct, Chevron, Microsoft, Mailchimp… Whatever it is you do, get cash back on both your personal and business purchases.

Earn cashback on both personal and business expenses with a Lili Pro account

All you have to do is shop.

No need to count points, no need to enroll in an offer, simply use your Lili Visa Business Debit Card at participating merchants and receive cash back directly into your account. It’s that easy.

Participating merchants in Lili's Cashback Rewards program

How it works

Sign up for a Lili Pro account

Swipe your Lili debit card at participating merchants

Earn cashback, deposited in your Lili account

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s everything you need to know about Lili’s Cashback Rewards

How do I sign up for the cashback rewards program?
How do I receive the cashback from my eligible purchases?

Get started in 3 minutes

All you need is your SSN and 3 minutes! Creating an account with Lili will NOT affect your credit score.