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How Do I Get Paid From an Online Platform?

By Lili • Feb 26, 2023

In 2019, more than 60% of freelancers said they earned all or part of their income online, using sites like Etsy or Upwork. When you deposit your earnings from these online marketplaces directly into your Lili account, you can access your money up to 2 days earlier, making Lili the perfect addition to your digital pro tool kit.

There are a lot of different apps and platforms out there, and almost as many processes to set up payment. So here’s a summary of the 3 main processes you’ll most likely encounter:

Standard Direct Deposit

Some platforms keep it simple. All you have to do is provide your Lili routing and account number (remember you can find these numbers under your name, at the top of the menu in your Lili app), and once your job is complete, the payer will deposit money directly into your account. You can also send them our pre-filled direct deposit form.

Direct Deposit Verification (also called Manual Verification)

This is a more secure version of the process above. Here, you’ll start by entering your routing and account number into your marketplace account. Then, one or two micro-transfers – usually a couple of cents – will be sent to your Lili account. A couple of days later, you’ll need to go back to your marketplace and confirm the amounts. If the information matches, your Lili account will be linked.

Instant Verification (also known as Account Sign in)

Just like it sounds, this process is faster (instantaneous even!) but not as common. Using Plaid’s technology, some marketplaces let you connect your account to your banking service. When prompted, you’ll log in to Lili directly from their site or app, using your Lili ID and password, creating an instant bridge between your bank account and your marketplace.

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