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Lili Pro is the ultimate business banking solution! Enjoy the powerful banking tools you need to streamline your business finances, so you can focus on your success! Armed with a Visa business debit card, fee-free overdraft, savings with 2.00% APY2, and cash back rewards, you can easily manage your banking, expenses, and taxes, all in one account.

By Lili • Apr 30, 2023

As a business owner, keeping your finances in order is a major challenge, and even more so when your focus is on growing your business. Trust us, we know. Which is why we’re excited to offer Lili Pro, a premium business banking account where you can manage it all, all in one place.

With Pro, Lili becomes your all-in-one business banking solution: your overdraft protector, your advanced expense management tool, your tax refund optimizer and savings builder, and of course, your business checking account.

Lili Pro has all the standard features of Lili, but with Pro, we take them to the next level. So let’s look at what’s included!

Savings Account with 2.00% APY

Remember that nifty Emergency Bucket allowing you to automatically transfer savings into a sub-account for when a rainy day comes along? With Lili Pro, we’re taking saving to the next level by giving you 2.00% APY3 on your savings to not only build, but to grow your bucket.

Cash Back Rewards

For that cash you’re not trying to save, we’re making spending money on your business even more rewarding with cash back rewards when you spend at participating merchants with your Lili Pro Business Visa. And if you get a little too excited about those cash back rewards and accidentally swipe more than you have in your account, well, Lili Pro’s got you covered on that one too!

Choose a Banking Solution that Helps Your Business Grow Try Lili Pro for 30 days, free!

Fee-free Overdraft

With BalanceUp4, you can overdraft up to $200 on your debit card purchases with absolutely no fees, ever. When a purchase exceeds your overall balance, Lili will cover the difference and send you a notification letting you know we have your back on this one! Then, the next time you get paid, we’ll apply that income to settle your negative balance. That way, you’ll never have to worry about a declined card ever again!

Split Categorization

Once you’ve started using your Lili Visa Business debit card, it’s time to keep track of what you can write off come tax season. You already know and love Lili’s expense tool, where you can easily categorize your expenses by swiping left for those new running shoes, and right for work stuff like a laptop stand…But with the line between business & personal blurring now more than ever, what to do for those inevitable times when there’s some crossover – like the electric bill for when your office is inside your home? Well, we came up with a solution for that too! With Lili Pro, now all you have to do is swipe up and split between the two. Doesn’t get any easier than that.

Lili Pro is just $9.00 a month. Can’t wait to learn about these new features and so so much more? Click here to get started!

Lili Pro is available now for all users, new & existing. What better time to upgrade than right now?

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