5 Tips to Keep Your Bank Account Secured 🛡

By Lili • Mar 24, 2021

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Now that most of our banking services are on phones and laptops that are constantly connected to the internet, managing our money has become easier and more convenient, but also more open to fraud and security breaches. At Lili, your security and privacy is our top priority, and we have the know-how and the technology to keep all your information secure. But here are a few things that you, as the customer, can do to help us keep your data (and money) safe and sound.

Track your banking activity

Review your account activity regularly, especially when you’re traveling or shopping more than usual (holidays, special occasions…) It’s easier to miss a fraudulent transaction when there’s already a lot of activity on your account. Our mobile app is the best way for you to stay on top of your banking activity. So once a day, instead of opening your favorite social media platform, open Lili and scroll through your recent transactions to make sure there’s nothing there you don’t like! We also offer real-time notifications on all account activity, so turn them on and you’ll never be taken by surprise!


Cash withdrawals

Try to only utilize ATMs that are associated with a bank and stay away from potential “skimming” locations like gas stations or deli kiosks. If the machine is obstructed from view or poorly lit, it is definitely not a safe option.

Act fast & report

If you lose your debit card or suspect it has been stolen, freeze it immediately directly from your Lili app and then call our customer service (1-855-545-4380) to report it as lost or stolen. It’s much easier to replace a piece of plastic than to spend days pursuing a series of fraudulent transactions.

Protect Your PIN Number

Don’t share your personal identification number (PIN) with anyone, and don’t keep it written down anywhere in your purse or wallet or on the card. Also, change your PIN every few months to be on the safe side.

Secure login

Keep your account secure by logging into Lili using fingerprint or face recognition on your phone. If you choose not to use biometric authentication, make sure to set up a very strong password to protect your account. (Yes, the days when you could use your birth date as a password are definitely over!)



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