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The 3 Best Things About Being a Freelancer

By Lili • Oct 19, 2021

No situation is perfect. Sometimes, being a freelancer is uncomfortable, frustrating and lonely. But when you’re stuck on all the negative aspects of your situation, it’s important to remember what’s good about it. So here are the main reasons why people with a full-time job working for the Man sometimes envy you.

1. It guarantees your freedom 🏖

If you want to go on a two-day getaway, you don’t have to do it on the weekend like everybody else. You can go on a Wednesday and really enjoy that alone time in the mountains or avoid the beach traffic. Being in charge of your schedule means you don’t need anyone’s approval to take a day off, you don’t need to count how many days you have left in your balance before booking a trip. This freedom is precious and is a gift when trying to find the right work-life balance. Also, hotel rooms are cheaper during the week, so it saves you money too!

2. It keeps you young! 🐣

Working the self-employed life means you are always dealing with something new: new client, new project, new location, new challenges. You’re not living the car-to-cubicle-to-car lifestyle. You meet new people, you’re working on new concepts, it keeps your brain alive, it keeps you engaged. Sometimes the constant change can feel overwhelming, maybe even exhausting, but that dynamic will keep you young!

3. It makes you a better person 🙌

Being an entrepreneur, in any field, teaches you auxiliary skills you wouldn’t learn or develop if you were using your core skills in a corporate environment. Being on your own forces you to learn about marketing (you need to sell yourself), human relationships (clients need to be handled), financial management (which BTW we can help you with, especially with your taxes…). This makes you a stronger professional and a stronger individual. Experiencing for yourself what an HR department or a sales team is living on a daily basis will turn you into an empathetic and knowledgeable professional and individual, which can only make your life and your work better.

See, there’s so much to be grateful for about your situation. Now, go forth and freelance! 💪

Written by
Team Lili

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