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Mobile banking with no account fees.

No, really! No account fees, no overdraft fees, no foreign transaction fees, no deposit required and no ATM fee at 38,000+ locations across the US. It’s your money, we think you should keep it.

Lili offers a bank account with no fees

Lili saves you time and money

We’ve done the math! Using Lili can save you up to 60 hours and $1,700 per year!

Avoid monthly services fees and transaction fees with Lili

Visa Business Debit Card with no fees.

Our checking account comes with our signature Visa Business Debit Card, which you can use fee-free. It’s Visa, so it’s accepted everywhere and is protected from unauthorized use. And it’s black…because it just looks cool!

Lili's checking account comes with a no-fee debit card

How Lili stacks up against traditional banks

Unlike traditional banks, Lili offers a bank account and financial management tools with no fees

Free Cash Withdrawals

Don’t want to pay for your own money? You shouldn’t have to! Lili doesn’t charge withdrawal fees from over 38,000 ATMs across the US. Find the one closest to you in our Free ATM locator in the Lili app.

You can withdraw money from your Lili account at any of our partner no-fee ATMs near you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s everything you need to know about Lili’s account fees

What fees will I be charged for my Lili account?
What are the fees for using my Lili Visa business debit card?
Where can I withdraw money without paying a fee?