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Cut Your Own Taxes with Lili's Tax Optimizer

Running your own business is taxing.
So you should only pay the taxes you owe.

Write-Off Tracker

Never miss a tax write-off ever again! Categorize every transaction in real time: swipe left for personal, right for business, and up to split between the two. And with each swipe, watch your estimated tax savings go up!

Tax Bucket

Automatically set aside a percentage of your income for your taxes (we’ll help you decide how much). No more late-night panic, no more IRS penalties!

Receipt Scanner

Attach a picture or pdf of your receipt to your transaction in just a few clicks…and throw it in the trash! It will be stored safely in your Lili mobile banking app.

Schedule C

If you’ve done the work all year, Lili will pre-fill your annual 1040 Schedule C form, ready to be shared with your accountant or filed with the IRS.

Quarterly and Annual Expense Reports

Lili automatically generates a quarterly and yearly business expense report, summarizing all of the expenses you swiped right, so you always know where you stand!

How it works

Categorize your expenses

Easily categorize each business expense throughout the year with a quick swipe on your Lili app

Set up your Tax Bucket

Regularly contribute to your Tax Bucket, automatically or manually, to make sure you save enough for your taxes

File taxes, painlessly!

Download your Income & Expense Report to include in your filing, and use your Tax Bucket to pay whatever you owe

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s everything you need to know about Lili’s Tax Tools

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