Why Lili, Why Now?

By Lili • May 10, 2021

2 mins

The last decade has seen the rise of a whole new type of worker in the U.S. – self-made, independent and driven men and women who refuse the limitations of “traditional” employment.

These trailblazers are building the future – the future of work, maybe even the future of our whole economy – and they deserve the future of banking as well. That’s why we created Lili.

We’ve watched as traditional banks tried and failed to serve the makers and doers of this new work era. The large chains simply aren’t nimble or plugged in enough to understand the wants and needs of this unique community.

We want to level the playing field for workers who have been marginalized by the traditional banking system. At Lili, our goal is to empower freelancers to take control of their finances, and in the process, make it easier to find the balance between work and life.

We are here to help you make your one-man (or woman) show the best show in town, with tools and services designed specifically for independent workers. Becoming a Lili customer means we’re in your corner, helping you not just manage, but maximize the living you make.

We’ll be constantly improving, adapting and innovating to better serve you. You don’t sit still, so why would we?

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Team Lili

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