4 Tips for Reopening Your Freelancing Business

By Lili • Mar 30, 2022

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The economy is slowly reopening, and people are getting back to work. As an independent contractor, you don’t have a storefront to reopen or a step-by-step company guideline to abide by, so “reopening” your business can feel intimidating and lonely. But there’s a silver lining to the Covid-19 crisis for independent workers – businesses are realizing that remote work can work! Here are a few simple actions you can take today!

Reach out

First thing’s first, reach out to your existing clients. You can send a personal email to each or create a “newsletter” to let everyone know you’re ready to get back to work and assist them in any way they need. Remember, everybody is overwhelmed, whether it’s by the news, the kids at home or a lot of backlog, so emails don’t always get answered promptly. Don’t hesitate to follow up with a phone call.

Offer rebates

Almost every business in the country is dealing with smaller budgets and everyone is looking for ways to save money. That’s where you come in. Businesses could be looking to outsource some of their workloads and since everyone has been practicing remote work for the past few months, the idea of hiring someone who works from home is becoming less intimidating to a lot of managers. Try to get your foot (back) in the door with new (or existing) clients by offering a special “Reopening Rate” or other types of discounts. Be a team player, and you’ll become part of the team.

Explore new avenues

Businesses are increasingly looking to freelancing platforms like Upwork, Storyhunter and Fiverr to get some jobs done (Upwork announced on May 6th a 21% revenue growth year over year, which can mean only one thing: more and more businesses are using their platforms!) Use this downtime to start your accounts on these platforms, polish your portfolio, websites, professional social media feeds…

Find community

There’s an increased sense of solidarity in these trying times, so make sure to participate. Find Facebook groups dedicated to freelancers, look for professionals on LinkedIn who are offering free advice and sometimes one-on-one conversations… The internet can (sometimes) be a wonderful place to “be together.” Take advantage!

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