A Guide To Smarter Financial Decisions For Freelancers

By Lili • Apr 8, 2021

9 mins

If you’ve already fallen off the wagon on your New Year’s financial resolution, Spring is a good time to get back on track. That’s probably why they made April Financial Literacy Month. 😊

Lili’s behavioral economist shares his advice on how and when to start an emergency savings account.Read More »


Freelancing doesn’t have to mean financial instability. Here are some pro tips to build a reliable financial ground floor for your freelance business.Read More »


There’s a simple way to improve your investment performance while simultaneously reducing stress. And the best part? You don’t have to do anything.Read More »


Only 55% of Americans own stock. If you’re part of the 45% that don’t because of the intimidation factor, let’s try to remove that right now!Read More »


It basically all comes down to business deductions. Here’s how to do it right.Read More »


We keep telling you Lili’s tax tools can save you time and money. Let us show you exactly what we mean.Read More »

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Team Lili

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