How to link your Lili account to Cash App

By Lili • May 3, 2021

3 mins

Cash app is a very convenient way to receive payment from clients or customers. It offers two ways to deposit your earnings into your bank account: 

1. Open the Cash app mobile app and go to your Banking Tab and select Add Bank.

2. First Cash App is going to connect with your debit card. Enter your Lili Visa Debit Card information, then click on Add Card.

3. Now that your debit card is connected for Instant Transfer, we need to connect your account for Direct Deposit. To do so, go back to the Banking Tab, and click again on Add Bank.

4. Type LILI in the Search bar. Then select Lili

5. Enter your Lili account ID (your email) and your password.

6. Click on your phone number. This is where you’ll receive the security code to confirm your account.

7. Enter the security code you received via text message.

8. Select your Lili bank account.


9. And you’re done. Now let’s just review really quick how you can cash out your money…


10. Back on your Banking Tab select Cash Out.

11. Select the amount and select your method.


12. If you need to replace your existing bank account with Lili go to the Banking tab of your CashApp app and  select Bank Account.


13. Tap on the existing bank account (if you want to replace your debit card, the process is the same, just click on the three dots in the upper right of the Debit Card stripe)

14. Select Replace Bank



15. Enter Lili’s Routing Number: 091302966


16. Now enter your Lili account number. You’ll do it twice, just to be sure! (Reminder, you can find your account number in the app menu, under your name)


17. And voilà! Lili is now fully connected to your CashApp. You can start cashing out money to your Lili account, either via direct deposit (free) or via Instant Transfer (CashApp takes a 1.5% fee) On the Banking Tab, click Cash Out.




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